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Let’s start with one of the worse exchange rates and that is right at the airport. The Cambio at the airport is known for being convenient but stay clear of it if you are looking for a good rate. Generally people like to use banks to exchange their money but I’ve found that the banks in Jamaica don’t always offer the best exchange rates.

Question: So where can I get the best exchange rates in Jamaica?
Answer: The best exchange rates in Jamaica are found at any of the cambios that are located away from the airports! On my past two trips I found excellent exchange rates just a few miles east of the Montego Bay airport.


1. Places that exchange your money for Jamaican money make money on the exchange rate. If you are exchanging a large sum of money call around to a few of the cambios and banks to inquire about their current exchange rates before you waste your vacation time driving from place to place. You will never get the same rate that the exchange rate tools give you but by shopping around you will get as close as possible!
2. Take your passport when you exchange money at the cambios. While I have no clue why they require a passport, every time I’ve exchanged money they asked me for mine.
3. Be sure to get plenty of $100 Jamaican dollars since some of the smaller shops prefer smaller bills over the $1000 bills. At the very least stock up on a bunch of the $500 bills.
4. For safety reasons be aware of your surroundings when you carry a bunch of money to and from an exchange place.
5. ASK OTHERS for their favorite places where they exchange foreign currency in Jamaica.  Most of the members over at the forum can provide you with a list of places where they have exchanged their money in Jamaica.

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2 Comments on "Best Exchange Rates in Jamaica"

  1. Tinks on Sun, 2nd Aug 2009 3:28 pm 

    These are excellent tips for exchanging money.
    Well done!

  2. MobayDale on Tue, 11th Aug 2009 10:25 am 

    The first time my girl friend came to visit me she exchanged like $800 at the airport and I could of killed her, well not really but we were both mad at the rate she got.

    Since then we go to the cambios and speak to the manager who gives us a better rate then what they post because they make way to much money on larger exchanges. Tip: the more you exchange at once the better your power to bargain is.

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