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Review of Rafjam Bed and Breakfast in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica

Location: High up in the mountains above  Kingston there is a valley where the waterfalls from the mountain start a stream and where these all come together you will find RafJam.  By car it is about 30-60 minutes outside of Kingston, so close to a big city but at the same time so secluded!

Booking a room at Rafjam’s:  Rafjam’s is very prompt answering phones calls, responding to e-mails and responding if you send them a message on Facebook.  I booked by sending them an e-mail with a few questions which they answered and I think by the second e-mail my vacation was booked.

RafJam Blue Mountain Lodging

RafJam Blue Mountain Lodging

Checking in at Rafjam:   Checking in was very relaxing and much more pleasant than the typical hotel check in process.  We were given a tour of the property and our rooms before we started the quick check in process.

Room quality:  The rooms and living areas were decorated with a personal touch which gave us a feeling like we were staying with family and not at a hotel with stock art and furniture that was ordered by the tractor trailer load.  All of the furniture and kitchen appliances were in perfect working order and everything was very clean.

Staff:  Staff is sort of the wrong word to describe the husband wife team who own and run Rafjam.  Imagine staying with family that magically leave you alone when you need private time but are right there when you need something, that is what you will find at Rafjam.

Food: While Rafjam’s offers 3 meals a day we stocked up on food to save a little money.  Looking back at all of the start up costs of buying food and then the stuff that we had to buy to cook and spice the food it would of been cheaper to eat their meals.  Susan and Rafael donated some fresh veggies from their gardens which really gave our meals a local flavor.  A mile up the road in Redlight there are some vendors as well if you want to take a hike a get a snack or meal.  On my visit to Rafjam I plan to eat their meals and give up on cooking my own food.

Rajam Blue Mountain Lodging and Tours as viewed from above the valley.

Rajam Blue Mountain Lodging and Tours as viewed from above the valley.

Security:  100% secure!  Since Rafjam is located pretty much in the middle of nowhere and since it’s 3 times removed from being on a main road nobody goes there or in the area unless they live there.  I felt very comfortable leaving my camera gear, money, laptop and luggage in my room without locking the door.  Having stayed at places where I have to find dozens of hiding places for my gear, I really enjoyed the sense of security.

Overall Rating of  Rafjam Bed and Breakfast:  After spending a few weeks in tourist areas (Ochi Rios and Negril) over the past year I found Rafjam and the Blue Mountains to be a very nice place to take in the Jamaican food, sights and culture without some of the headaches that come with staying in the tourist areas.  From the relaxing waterfalls to Susan’s beautiful gardens to the perfect accommodations to Rafael’s tours, I can not paint a more relaxing vacation in my mind.  On a 1-10 and while I hate to give out 10′s they get a 10!

A Slide Show of The Grounds at Rafjam’s Bed and Breakfast:

Rafjam Tours:

While we were staying at Rafjam’s, Raf took us on a tour of a coffee plantation but since then we have learned that they also offer tours for their guests all over the Blue Mountains and Jamaica!  Check out the following link to their Facebook page and look at some of the exciting places they tour.

Contact Information for Rafjam: Website:  Rafjam Blue Mountain Lodging Facebook: Rafjam Bed Other Contact:
Telephone / Fax: (+1.876)944.8009
Susan de Campos: (+1.876)426.3667
Rafael de Campos: (+1.876)885.1653


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