Helping the Kids in Jamaica

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So, you are going on a vacation to Jamaica and you want to bring something along to help out the kids in Jamaica. If so, there are schools all over the island looking for donations and kids all over the island that would love some gifts. With some of the airlines still offering 2 checked bags for international flights and the fact that as a tourist you want your second bag empty so you can bring back gifts, how about packing it with gifts on your way down to Jamaica?

Most of us live around “dollar stores” where they sell all sorts of art supplies for around $1.00 each. In the picture below, all of these art supplies cost $1.00……added up the total for all 60 items was a little over $60 with tax. If each kid gets 2 of these items, that extra suitcase can bring a big smile to 30 kids. If the items are donated directly to a school, the smiles will extend to many more kids.

Gifts for the kids in Jamaica

Gifts for the kids in Jamaica

If you want to hand out school or art supplies directly to local kids just head away from the tourist areas and you will find plenty of them.  I would suggest asking a taxi driver where there are kids in need and he will take you on a short drive to find them.  Another option is using the internet to find schools in Jamaica that have a “wish list” of supplies that they need.  Here are a few schools and their wish lists:

Treasure Beach Schools in need of donations <— Click on that link and scroll down to see all of the stuff that the schools need.

Project One Love <— These people not only collect supplies for schools in Jamaica, they actually go to Jamaica and help to build schools!

More important ****** <—they provide for young sex workers in order to keep them off the streets! They are hard up for donation money…… them out please.

Since this article is a work in progress, please leave a comment if you know of any other schools in Jamaica that need donations.