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Fanso’s Jerk Centre and Beer Garden in front of Alfred’s on the beach road in Negril Jamaica review.

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After hearing from several people how good the food and service is at Fanso’s I decided to give them a try.  Since they serve up great Jamaican pork and chicken and I don’t eat meat I thought I might have a challenge but I was wrong!  I talked to Alfanso Miller the owner and explained that I don’t eat meat and try to stay away from fish and he just smiled and suggested his “veggie chunks”.  Since I love to try new food, I order his veggie chunks with some rice.

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Fanso Review:

Location: Fanso’s has a good mid beach location in front of Alfred’s which is one of Negril’s most popular clubs.  It is within walking distance of 90% of the resorts on the beach.

Seating: The Seating at Fanso’s is open air but they do have covers over some of the tables in case it rains.

Time from seating until order is taken: Instant!  As soon as I walked in I was greeted and my order was taken.

Time from seating until drinks are delivered: Less than a minute!

Time from seating until food was delivered: About 10-15 minutes.  I was having such a great time people watching that I did not really pay attention to the time but the service was very fast.

Food quality: Excellent!  Generally I’ll ask for a bottle of hot sauce in case my food is served with a bland taste, at Fanso’s hot sauce was not needed!

Service quality: Excellent!  Fanso kept an eye on me while I ate and asked a couple of times how is food was and if I needed anything.  Out of all of the places that I have eaten at in Jamaica Fanso’s offered the best service that I have ever experienced.

Food & Drink prices: Around $700J (under $8.00 US) for my food and $200J ($2.20US) for my beer.  Note- I kept bad notes that evening so please don’t quote me on the prices.

Overall quality: Excellent!

Overall price: Perfect since I was on a tight budget but in my opinion Fanso should raise his prices to reflect his great food and service.

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Please leave a comment if you have been to Fanso’s or if you have a question about Fanso’s :-)

Sunsets in Negril Jamaica

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The sunsets in Negril Jamaica are considered by some to be the best in the world!  Most people flock to the west end “cliff area” of Negril to enjoy the sunsets from popular places like Rick’s Cafe or 3 Dives.  Unless the sun is setting deep in the south, almost anywhere in Negril offers a great location to view the sunset.

The first slide show is a series of pictures and a short video of two sunsets viewed from 3 Dives and next to Sexy Rexy’s bar on the cliffs.

The second slide show is a series of pictures viewed from Herbie’s on the beach.  At Herbie’s, you can enjoy ice cold Red Stripe beers for less than $2.00us while relaxing in his beach chairs.

If you are heading to Negril to take pictures of the sunsets remember to bring extra memory cards and a small tripod if you want to take long exposure pictures once the sun has set deep into the ocean.

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