Chronicles of a Shipwreck in Jamaica, a Book Review

December 28, 2011 by  
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A short review of Chronicles of a Shipwreck in Jamaica by Kristi Keller (author).

Chronicles of a Shipwreck in Jamaica is a perfect book for anyone flying back from Jamaica with dreams of giving up a “normal” life and living in Jamaica.  While the book covers all inclusive stays in Jamaica, tours, living the local lifestyle and such, it highlights the challenges of living and making an income in Jamaica.  Having known of 100′s if not 1000′s of people that made an effort to create a new life in Jamaica and failed, it was enlightening to actually read a behind the scenes story.  While the books touches on a failed attempt to live in Jamaica, the wonderful journeys and the hint of a return make the book a positive read.


So, if you can afford the price of a beer buy the book for only $3.99  <—–it’s cheap!  If you want to read about me being the cause of the downfall of Kristi in Jamaica buy the book.  If you have ever wondered why some women have perky breasts without bra straps….buy the book!

On a serious note, I’ve known Kristi for a few years and have been following her adventures in Jamaica on a few forums, blogs and on Facebook.  She’s not the typical which pool has the warmest water, what resort has the most beach chairs, who has the cheapest beer in the tourist area type of person.  She writes from her heart, doesn’t hold much back and  haggles/bargains like a local.  I was going to make a critical comment about her driving skills but navigating a 50 degree downhill slope with a 30 degree sidewards slope in a car with maybe 3″ of ground clearance…..yeah that will get the best of anyone but I found humor in being stuck while the locals thought it was comedy hour.

Buy it now <—–click on that to preview and purchase the book.