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Little Bay Jamaica is home to a giant rat bat cave that for some reason is under the radar of just about every tour company I know of in the area.  I knew of the cave from reading about it on the internet and because the place I was staying at offered tours so it was on my list of places to explore in Little Bay (20 minutes outside of Negril).

Rat bat cave tour little bay jamaica

I was lucky enough to run into Douglas Walters a yam farmer that maintains the trail to the cave since his farm is all around it.  After talking to him and his grandson for a short time, I talked them into giving me a tour.  From the main road/school area we walked maybe 5-10 minutes until we reached the cave.  Once at the cave, Mr Walters grandson gave me a tour of the inside and I must say for such a young man he gave an excellent tour! I was amazed by how big the cave is, you could park a small plane in there!   I would go on and on with details but sharing too much of the tour will ruin some of it for you.

Rat bat cave tour little bay jamaica 2

After leaving the cave we climbed to the top of the cave to see the two openings above the cave that look down into the cave.  The climb might be a little tough for some but the views from the top of the cave are great.  Also, while I was there I got a tour of Mr Walters yam farm and learned some history about the cave, farming in Jamaica and all sorts of things that made the tour excellent.

Rat bat cave tour little bay jamaica 3

While the cave might not be a big enough reason to spend the travel money for a 30-60 minute bat cave tour, Little Bay has so much more to offer and can make a great day trip or vacation spot.  Along with the bat cave, Little Bay Jamaica offers:

1.  The remains of Bob Marley’s summer home.

2.  Bob Marley’s mineral spring where you can swim and chill out.

Note-  For the Bob Marley tours I recommend “Boot” as a tour guide, his contact info is on this site or leave a message for it.

3.  The “Blue Hole” soon to be resort but currently offers a fresh mineral spring swimming pool, a natural mineral water swimming hole, bar/grill and much much more…I’ll do my review of them soon.

4.  A fisherman’s beach were you can meet local fishermen, take a water tour, snorkel dive around the reefs and so much more.

5.  The local “raceway” is just a few minutes up the road.

6.  Great food, great local people, no tourist hassle like in other places and I could go on and on…..

But, I’ll add a few more, great lodging/hotels, horse back riding in the ocean or along trails/roads and farmer Debbie’s farm (review soon come).

Rat bat cave tour little bay jamaica 4

Contact info for the rat bat cave tour in Little Bay:  Douglas Walters 876-582-0617

Contact info for the Bob Marley tour in Little Bay:  “Boot”  876-416-2292

Contact info for great lodging and my review of the lodging:  Coral Cottage Little Bay Review

Rat bat cave tour little bay jamaica 5


5 Comments on "Cave Tour in Little Bay Jamaica"

  1. Wahoo on Wed, 21st Dec 2011 8:10 am 

    Does that cave have an elevator? Wahoo only tours caves with elevators.

  2. Jamaica My Way on Mon, 26th Dec 2011 1:57 am 

    First of all I just wanted to ask you if you left the following sentence as is on purpose!

    –”After leaving the cave we climbed to the top of the cave to see the two openings above the cave that look down into the cave.”–

    Second, was the cave really that big (small airplane) size? If that was no exaggeration that’s awesome!

  3. Eco on Mon, 26th Dec 2011 8:19 pm 

    Hmm, maybe we exiting the cave to climb over it….not sure, there is the inside of the cave and from the outside you can climb over the outside of it.

    Yes, the cave is one giant area that could fit a good size plane. While it’s not wheelchair friendly, it’s really one giant open space instead of the caves you see on Youtube.

  4. megan on Sat, 8th Sep 2012 3:21 pm 

    That’s a pretty cool cave to checkout in Jamaica.

  5. Best Jamaica on Sun, 31st Mar 2013 1:46 am 

    Jamaica has quite a few caves that has not gotten the coverage that they deserve, one of them is Mountain River Cave in St Catherine.

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