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Coral Cottage Oceanfront Villa in Little Bay Jamaica

Location: Coral Cottage is located about 25 minutes south of Negril Jamaica and a little under 2 hours from the Montego Bay international airport.  Set back about 100 yards from the ocean in a tropical garden, it’s truly defines the word paradise.

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Booking a room at Coral Cottage: Booking a room was very easy, I sent an e-mail and within hours my stay at Coral Cottages was booked.  They also have a reservations page on their website but since I had talked to them back and forth by e-mail it was an easy solution for me.

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Checking in at Coral Cottage: The check in process was quick and easy.  I got a 10 or so minute tour of the grounds, the common areas (giant full kitchen and dining area) and my room.  Once I paid for my  room  and deposit for the room key  I was checked in.  Generally I’m in favor of a really quick check in but in this case a brief tour was needed or I would of been lost not knowing everything the resort offers.

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Room quality: Without a doubt, Coral Cottages is the nicest place I have stayed at in Jamaica and I’ve stayed at many places!  Everything from the fancy furniture to the lovely decorations is right in line with what a luxury resort should offer.  This is the type of place that I would suggest to picky travelers that want to get away from the big resorts.

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Staff: Richie and Teresa were both very nice.  Since I wanted to eat the local food, explore Little Bay and do my own thing they didn’t see much of me.

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Food: N/A, I didn’t eat there.

Security: Everyone in the village knows each other and nobody is out to mess with tourists or Richie’s guest so I was not concerned about my own safety or securing my belongings.  The same goes for the village, I walked all over the place exchanging greetings and small talk with people and EVERYONE was extremely friendly.

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Overall Rating of the Coral Cottage: Too nice!  This is the type of place I would go for a honeymoon or to impress a special person.  This is also the only place that I have ever stayed at in Jamaica that is “finished”, as in all of the construction is done, the check lists are complete and everything is fine tuned.  It’s really shocking that the Coral Cottage can deliver so much for very inexpensive room rates.  Their commitment to being “green” was impressive as well, from the dual flush toilets and other plumbing to the use of natural products, they really get a thumbs up in my book of being green!

Another cool thing about the resort is that it’s located off the beaten path and their are all sorts of cool things to see around it.  A few minutes down the road you can swim in Bob Marley’s mineral water bath or view what remains of his summer home.  A 5 minute walk will bring you to a bat cave that is so large you could park a good sized plane in it.  A 10 minute route taxi drive away is the Blue Hole which offers diving and swimming in a 25′ deep hole in the earth or in their heated mineral water above ground pool.  A 10 minute taxi drive in the other direction will bring you Farmer Debbie’s farm where you can take a tour.  I can go on and on….. better yet, go and enjoy the Coral Cottage and all that the town of Little Bay has to offer.

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Contact Information for Coral Cottage:
Website: Coral Cottage Little Bay Jamaica <– click to view the Coral Cottage Website.

Facebook:  Coral Cottage on Facebook

Phone contact:

806-898-3826 – Marsha – USA
876-420-4722 – Richie – Jamaica


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  1. Debbie Davidson on Thu, 12th May 2011 12:53 pm 

    What a great review for Coral Cottage! Little Bay, Brighton and Old Hope is a lovely countryside with great Local People and lots of Peace and Serenity. When wanting to escape the Tourist Area’s you surely will want to come out and visit us. One Love Irie Debbie D. aka Farmer Deb Bless

  2. Eco on Thu, 12th May 2011 1:04 pm 

    Thanks Debbie, I just edited the review so it links to your farm.

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