Herbie’s on the Beach in Negril Jamaica

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Herbie’s on the beach in Jamaica review

Unlike some of my boring lodging and food reviews, Herbie’s is in a class of it’s own!  Yeah he offers camp sites and food but Herbie’s is more of an experience, a relaxing experience.   Last April I walked across the street from Jah B’s into what looked like an empty lot in order to cut through to the beach.  Right before I got to the beach, I noticed a little shack of a building with a few lawn chairs out front.  Looking a little to my right, I noticed a stump with a building behind it……flashback—a forum member on n.com posted a picture of him sleeping next to the stump a few months before my trip.  It hit me that this was the place and Herbie was the man that Smith was talking about!

Herbie's 1

So, there I am at the door step of the world famous Herbie’s on the beach in Negril and my only thought is ” how much for a beer?”.  Yeah, I’m a cheap son of a bitch and I’ll walk a mile to save a Jamaican dollar!  Since exchange rates change and many people don’t have a feel for what a Jamaican dollar is, let’s say the price was a 1.5 on a 1-10 scale, not the cheapest in the world but damn close.  “Bobo” the Bobo Rasta(dreadlocks wrapped up in cloth) was very friendly greeting me and if he vanished for a minute it was fine if I helped myself in the kitchen on the honor system.  At the end of each day/night ( I spent some time there) he would make sure that my count was the same as his.  After a couple of days feeling comfortable with Bobo’s vibe I felt that Herbie’s was my type of place…..like “Cheers” the show on TV.  It didn’t matter if I showed up at 6am, 9am,3pm, 9pm or midnight, Bobo was there to help me with what I needed!  A few nights I stayed there all night until the sunrise the next morning but that’s another story.

herbie's 2

After a couple of days a pair of farrin (foreign) women staying at Jah B’s were bitching about cheap places to go and with a soft spot in my heart I introduced them to Herbie’s.  Granted every local Jamaican man in a 300 yard radius ruled them out as being gay but for me it was more about introducing budget travelers to a cheap place to enjoy the beach.  It didn’t take long for them to figure out their Jamaica travel plans could be extended now that they could enjoy food and beverages for well less than what normal travelers pay.  Over the next few days they got use to “living” at Herbie’s and my special place in Negril was tainted…..so it goes.  Not tainted because they were there but rather because I was at the time the only tourist there.  If the percentage of tourists is over let’s say 1.5% then my ass is moving on.

herbie's 3

But…..I still went there for my morning swims, my afternoon swims, my evening swims and for all of my beach relaxing time!  Being able to walk up and throw down my camera gear ($$$$) along with my clothes knowing that everything would be there upon my return is priceless.  I didn’t matter if I used my camera or even my laptop if it was with me, once I went for a swim Bobo and Herbie had my back watching over my stuff.  One night I had a little “issue” with a local that got to the point where I felt the need to get out of my chair to deal with the local but before I could get up Bobo had him running away.  At first I laughed but then Bobo asked 100 questions which lead him to stand watch for the night.

herbie's 4

Fast forward 6 months and I bring 3 friends to Herbie’s……as soon as we round the corner Bobo and Herbie greet me like I was there yesterday—-ahh such a warm welcome!  I guess on my end it was even more welcoming since they knew who I was…..that could of been funny saying how the place was great and the owners looking at me like they didn’t know me.  If you are looking for a relaxing place on the beach in Negril with a local vibe, cheap beer and require a nice safe vibe be sure to check out Herbie’s.

herbie's 6

Location:  Mid beach, one spot north of Rooms on the Beach, a few stops south of Roots Bamboo, across the street from Jah B’s, a 10-15 minute walk from the round about (rotary) a 15 minute walk from Hedo….if you can’t find it with those directions get a taxi.


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  1. Pineapple on Sat, 12th Feb 2011 7:22 pm 

    You couldn’t be more right on target. I’ve known Herbie for about 15 years and you couldn’t meet a better man in Jamaica.

  2. Wahoo on Sun, 13th Feb 2011 1:25 am 

    Another Pulitzer Prize-winning Negril review, Eco! Love it!

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