Jah B’s Food Review

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Jah B’s Food  Review:

Location: Jah B’s has a perfect mid beach location.  From any area on the beach road you are no further than a $1.00 route taxi ride or a 15 minute walk.   Even from the far ends of Negril, Jah B’s is only a cheap taxi ride away or a refreshing walk away.

Seating: The Seating at Jah B’s is under a roof in case it’s raining or you just want to get out of the sun.  But… if you want the sun they also have plenty of outdoor tables!

Time from seating until order is taken: It’s sort of like walking into your favorite local restaurant, you walk in and say hello to Miss Joyce and say what you want or look at the menu.  It’s not a “for the love of god does this define island time” type of place, the service is fast!

Time from seating until drinks are delivered: Less than a minute!

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Time from seating until food was delivered: It really depends on what you order, everything is cooked to order so if rice takes 10-20 minutes at home it takes that long at Jah B’s.  ALL (in caps) of the food is fresh and it’s cooked to order= no heat lamps or cooked food sitting around.

Food quality: Excellent!  Generally I’ll ask for a bottle of hot sauce to spice up my food if it’s bland in taste and I never once added any to my food at Jah B’s!  While the food was not “hot in taste”, in was full of natural flavor.  Since I stayed there for 2 weeks I can attest to how fresh their produce was, it was delivered several times a week and as a guest I was able to buy it directly from the vendor.

Service quality: Relaxing!  Between Joyce (the owner) and Tim (the cook) they are both watching over you from a comfortable distance making sure your facial expressions show a love for the food and that you don’t need another drink.  Before you could even think of looking around for service, one of them will rush over to see what you need.

Food & Drink prices: Fair to cheap!  On a 1-10 of prices in Negril I would give Jah B’s a 3.  I really can’t think of many other places on the beach road area of Negril that offer better prices and not many that can match the level of service.

Overall quality: Excellent!

jah b's food review

Overall price: Outstanding!  For me it’s more than price, being able to walk into the kitchen and talk to the cook while he prepares my meal is priceless!  Being able to throw my menu on another table and say “this is what I want” is priceless as well.

A Special Thanks: To Seveen, ExOchiGirl and several other members of a few on-line forums for suggesting Jah b’s to me!

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2 Comments on "Jah B’s Food Review"

  1. Seveen on Sat, 12th Feb 2011 7:09 pm 

    i love jahb’s for rooms and for food
    even if i’m not staying there i stop and spend some time with “the family”
    most of the time i eat ’cause i know it’s some fingerlicking good food and a nice pile of it at that
    my favorite is the fried chicken – now you may say – i can fried chicken at home – but believe me you haven’t had fried chicken until you’ve had jahb’s fried chicken
    now for my son – he wants a whole fish – he loves eating one side to the bones and then turning it over to savor the other side
    i’m about to cry right now thinking of that good food
    be sure to get some of the calaloo – joyce does that up CORRECT – and my favorite dessert is the fresh cut fruit salad – joyce loving cuts each piece – and i’m ready to grab it from her after each slice


  2. Eco on Sat, 12th Feb 2011 7:53 pm 

    It’s funny that you mention “family”, it didn’t take me long to feel the same way about them. When I mentioned last April that I was staying based on the way both you and JaNate (think I have his name correct) feel about the place Joyce lit up like a Christmas tree going on about you. “Oh Seveen, she was just here a week or two ago…..” Joyce kept going on like you were the queen of England….

    6 months later I returned with a friend/tour company owner from the north coast so he could check out the cabins as a place to bring his guests and I was treated like family once again. It breaks my heart to know that when I return in a couple of months that I will stay at other places just to try something new but I’ll return for the food and family type of feelings.

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