Jamaica, a Trip Plan for 2012

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After several trips to Jamaica and in most cases not doing the touristy thingy I’m always looking for ways to make my next trip something new and exciting.  I’ve done the Ocho Rios, Negril, Cockpits, Blue Mountains, staying with locals, exploring the island 1-3 nights at each place….so I need something new.  Having done the around the island in a car but with every night planned I’m planning on taking a twist of that fun trip.

I’m thinking about a motorbike or car rental with no plans except my arrival and departure.  Or maybe a trip where I use only the route taxi/bus system….but that would mean no transport late at night in most parts.  A motorbike would mean no progress in the rain, but that could be good if I found a cool place to chill……ah the options.  An around the island with a zigzag back through the mountains would be a blast but that would require an SUV or dirtbike (scooters are way too low to the ground).  Hmm, a landing in Mobay, a route taxi to Negril, a rental from Jah B’s……a trip around the island and interior and then back to Negril to drop off the bike and transport back to the airport= maybe the wining idea?

But…renting cost $$$ and cuts into my budget…..but ……renting means no drinking or smoking so that reduces my spending…..complex planning!

Will update soon come as my plans change!


3 Comments on "Jamaica, a Trip Plan for 2012"

  1. Jamaica My Way on Fri, 9th Dec 2011 3:31 am 

    Aaahhhh now you’re talking! No agenda is exactly my agenda while zipping around there. However, yes that alcohol thing is one drawback. I have slept in people’s houses near the bars I was at just because I couldn’t drive myself home LOL!

  2. doctoro on Wed, 28th Mar 2012 10:09 pm 

    Sounds like my kind of trip.

  3. Tracy Brennan on Sun, 22nd Apr 2012 6:53 pm 

    i am planning my first trip ever to Jamaica. I would be interested in any tips you have at all Places to eat, place to see, thinks I should bring.

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