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Negril Jamaica is full of wood carvers and people selling carvings! From carvers selling their blood sweat and tears to the “carvers” selling cheap imports from China and other places around the globe. The prices range from a few dollars up to several hundred dollars depending on size, how complex the piece is and how willing the tourist is to pay for something they want on their mantle at home. Several of the “real” carvers are willing to do pieces that you dream up or something that is special to you instead of “stock art”. Others are willing to sell whatever they have in front of them for whatever you are willing to pay… long as they agree.

jah earllocks beach view

Last April I had the honor of meeting Jah Earllocks, a carver on the beach in Negril Jamaica. He sells original carvings along with a mix of touristy types of carvings. At first I was a little shy because I was afraid of the whole beach vendor pushy vibe but once I talked to him for a little bit I knew he was different. After several meetings, I exchanged “goods” for his art work. By “goods” I mean stuff that I brought to trade with instead of using money. Some of the beach vendors are willing to exchange things they need in exchange for things that you want. I traded a pair of new boots that never fit me, a snorkel set that I used for the week, a few golf polo shirts and some fishing line for 5-6 carvings that now adore my home. The $25 snorkel set (Target) can be rented for $10 or so a day or sold for $$ so that alone in the long run makes up for his exchanges.

jah earllocks wood carvings

Along with the wood carvings, I commissioned a few bracelets with a mix of bamboo and beads. After years of buying cheap bracelets that were made of cheap fishing line I wanted bracelets made of the “spider wire” that I brought to Jamaica. Spider wire is a threaded fishing line that has a breaking strength of around 80 pounds at the size of a 10 pound normal fishing line. Also, spider wire does not degrade in the sun like mono line! Generally a bracelet made of fishing line will last me 1-6 months but so far my spider wire bracelets have lasted me almost a year…..and I’m still counting! When I left Negril last April Jah Earllocks still had 100+ yards of my spider wire so there is plenty for you if you want bracelets or necklaces that will last for years!

jah earllocks wood carving

You can find Jah Earllocks in front of “Herbie’s” which is on the beach 50 yards north of Rooms on the Beach, across the beach from Jah B’s, 100 yards south of Roots Bamboo, a few hundred yards north of Alfreds…..if you can’t figure out where it is by now leave a message and I’ll give you directions from something you know! Also, you can find Jah Earllocks playing music at Roots Bamboo and several other venues around Jamaica.

jah earllocks singing

Contact info:

Jah Earllocks AKA birth name “Charles Nunes”

Business Name: The Roots Corner

Phone: 876-349-8834


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  2. Wahoo on Fri, 28th Jan 2011 7:19 pm 

    I’m mos def gonna look up Jah Earllocks on my next trip to Negril. Couldn’t help but notice, though, that all the palms have fallen off the tree that gyal is climbing in pic #2.

  3. Eco on Mon, 31st Jan 2011 11:24 pm 

    She sucked them off like chrome on a bumper? I would love to know who buys that sort of crap and the same goes for smoking pipes that look like a cock. To each their own but it will be a cold day in hell before I have a wooden cock carving in my living room.

  4. Wahoo on Thu, 10th Feb 2011 10:40 am 

    I see 4 or 5 carvings in pic 2 I’d love to have, but that alligator looks like it swallowed a case of Viagro!

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