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Prince Valley Guest House in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica

Location: Prince Valley Guest House is a little over an hour above Kingston in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. While it’s in a remote location, bars and places to eat are well within walking distance (2-5 minutes) and the city is only a cheap $2 route taxi fare (each way) away. It’s sort of the best of both worlds, you get the feeling that you are in the middle of nowhere but everything you need is at your fingertips.

Prince Valley Guest House Jamaica

Prince Valley Guest House Jamaica

Booking a room at Prince Valley: It was a pretty easy process, I contacted them through either Facebook or their website and got a response the same day.

Checking in at Prince Valley: Casual! It was more like staying with family, here’s your room, here’s your key and the check in process is complete. After experiencing less than pleasant check in experiences at other places (Rooms on the Beach Ochi) I love casual check in’s that doesn’t take days to complete.

Prince Valley Guest House Jamaica 2

Room quality: The rooms are very nice in my opinion, while not fancy they are not in need of any repairs or updates. When I say “not fancy”, I don’t mean the are plain and boring! Jackie and Bobby have painted and decorated the rooms in a fashion that would let a blind person know that the hands of an artist has touched the place. Currently, the two rooms have 3 beds, a couch, a hammock and a shared bathroom. Note- the rooms are attached (you have to walk through the room with the small bed to get into the larger bedroom).

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Staff: While everyone of my reviews rates the “staff”, the term really doesn’t apply to my experiences at Prince Valley. Bobby, one of the owners is quick to size up how much you want to interact with him. If you want to be left alone you will hardly see him, if you want someone to chat with or someone to show you around he will be there. I guess this sort of defines a “guest house” and not a motel, hotel or Holiday Inn.

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Food: Prince Valley wants their guests to explore the village of Settlement (2-5 minute walk up the road) and RedLight (20 minute walk) for their food and bar needs so they don’t formally offer either on site. In a way it’s more of a meet the culture type of lodging experience than a never leave the compound experience like at the jails….I mean all inclusive resorts. With that said, Bobbie cooked a great dinner that he shared with me!

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Security: I felt 100% safe both at the guest house and in the village. When I left the guesthouse to explore I didn’t feel the need to hide my stuff or even lock my door.

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Overall Rating of the Prince Valley Guest House: I was really impressed with the interior art decorations and the flower gardens that are all over the place. Everything was in perfect working order and I would stay there even if the price was double it’s current rate (way too cheap in my opinion). The people in the community around the guest house are really warm and welcoming, everyone will exchange greetings with you, chat if they have the time and they don’t treat you like a tourist in a resort town (that’s a good thing if you have never been to the island)!

Contact Information for Prince Valley Guest House:
Website: Prince Valley Guest house

Facebook Page: Prince Valley Guest House on Facebook

Robert Williams –Owner
Jamaican Cell Phone:


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3 Comments on "Prince Valley Guest House Review"

  1. PRINCE VALLEY on Fri, 6th May 2011 7:06 am 

    Enjoyed having you visit us as much as you enjoyed the visit! Hope to see you again…the hills wait for your return. Bless. PRINCE VALLEY GUEST HOUSE

  2. Jamaica My Way on Mon, 26th Dec 2011 2:03 am 

    I enjoyed the hour I was there and wish I would have stayed instead of dropping you off! I can’t even remember the reason I didn’t stay anymore!

    Guess we need a raincheck!

  3. Eco on Mon, 26th Dec 2011 8:14 pm 

    As I recall you wanted to make an epic mistake and forgo one of the best lodging places on the island so you could have Pizza Hut pizza in Kingston. Meanwhile, I shared a great meal with Bobby, and a nice 2 bd room place on my own….never having to hear anyone snore.

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