Review of Jah B’s Cottages

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Review of Jah B’s Cottages Negril Jamaica

Location: An excellent mid beach location that is truly within walking distance of the most popular nightlife in Negril.  The beach is within 100-200 yards of all of the cottages and the morass (wetlands of sorts) is directly behind the cottages.  It’s almost like country living directly in the middle of the action.  You would only require public transport if you planned to stay for long periods of time and wanted to stock up at the grocery store downtown.

Jah B's Cottages 1

Booking a room at Jah B’s Cottages: This was actually a pleasant experience compared to other places in Jamaica.  To book a room I just e-mailed Joyce * *  and she responded back within a day everytime.  We exchanged a few e-mails as I narrowed down my dates and we worked out a fair price for my two week stay.  

Checking in at Jah B’s Cottages: The check in process was a real joy since I arrived late at night and I just wanted to shower and hit the town. Clive Gordon my driver and owner of Clive’s Transport pulled up to the side door and Omar the night time security guard (amongst other titles) got in and directed us to my cottage.  After a brief here’s your key, there’s the bathroom type of tour I was given Omar’s phone number and my check in process was complete.  I didn’t have to sign any paperwork, stand in any lines, or even give them my credit card.   On my way to the street I stopped in the dining area to meet Joyce and was off to see the town.   It wasn’t until the next afternoon that Joyce asked if I liked the place and informed me that I could pay my bill when I was ready.  Where else will someone trust me to pay instead of sneaking out?

Room quality:  Jah B’s is rustic……very rustic!  I did my homework before booking at the resort so I knew exactly what I was getting and was very pleased with my cottage.  Everything was very clean and maintained in working order.  My cottage had two beds, a small kitchen and a full bathroom just like a normal hotel room but mine was nice and rustic :-)   Two things of note, #1 the room did not have things like soap or shampoo so bring some from home or you can pick some up at the market.  #2 the hot water takes a minute or two.  I didn’t know I had hot water for several days which didn’t bother me since the cold showers were rather refreshing.   Even after I found out about the hot water I never used it.

Staff: It’s hard to use the term “staff” to describe people that are more like family!  I couldn’t walk past the main building without Joyce or the cook engaging me in some small talk and nor did I want to pass without talking to them.  Omar (security guard/Motor bike rental guy/concierge/friend) was available 18 hours a day to answer my silly question or to cut open a coconut when I was in the mood.

Food: The food at Jah B’s was excellent!  The cook was able to cater to my veggie diet and he was also able to deliver my meal in a timely manner.  If I had a larger budget I would of eaten more meals there but my budget permitted mostly me preparing my own meals.

Security:  The security was a little different than what I am use to but it worked very well.  Jah B’s cottages are all on a lane about 100 yards long and many of the cottages have dogs that live under them.  The dogs know exactly where everyone is staying and will bark if a stranger walks down the lane.  Since I was at the end of the lane I had about a 40 second notice if a visitor was coming down the lane which worked out great if I was expecting someone.  It’s funny how after just a few days I could understand what the dogs meant when they were barking.  With the owners and Omar living on the lane I never worried about my own security or the security of my room when I was away.

Jah B's Cottages 2

Overall Rating of the Jah B’s Cottages:  I’d give it a 9.5 out of a 10 for what it is (rustic).  It’s an excellent place for guests that want cheap, clean rustic living but a horrible place for cheap people who want the Ritz for under $50 a night.  The only thing that held me back from giving it a 10/10 was a verbal battle with the lady who comes by to wash clothing and tries to overcharge tourists.  She over charged me $6 US and felt the need to run her mouth about me in Patois (Jamaica’s version of English) to the groundskeeper.  She did the same over charging thing to the people a few cottages up and we ended up boycotting her services……all over someone trying to pull an extra $6 from us.  If you see her please tell her I’m keeping my promise to screw her for more than she screwed me.

Jah B's Cottages 3

Back to positive thoughts….. Waking up or going to bed if you party all night and seeing the sunrise over the mountains behind the cottages is priceless!  Walking 200 yards to the beach across the street to watch the sunset is equally priceless.  Staying on a lane of like minded guests is like walking down your own street at home and exchanging greetings with your neighbors and friends.  I just can’t get over how I felt like I was “at home” at Jah B’s, an experience that I have never felt in all of my years traveling.  When I return “home” you can find me at one of the cottages at Jah B’s, until then I’m vacationing 11+ months out of the year in New England.

A slide show of some of my pictures of Jah B’s.  If you like the music please support the artist who also sells wood carvings on the beach 50 yards north of Rooms on the Beach.  His name is Jah Earllocks and his contact number is 876-349-8834.


12 Comments on "Review of Jah B’s Cottages"

  1. Wahoo on Sat, 7th Aug 2010 7:17 am 

    What a deal–a comfy rustic cottage with your own personal guard dog! I like it! Except I’d probably become so attached to my dog (and him to me after treating him to the bones and tidbits from my curry goat and jerk chicken) that I’d want to take him with me when I leave.

  2. Wahoo on Sat, 7th Aug 2010 8:38 am 

    Excellent choice of music for your video, Eco. Love it! I’ll also look for Jah Earllock’s wood carvings on my next visit to Negril. I know exactly the one I want, too. I bought a wood carving on one of my visits to Negril, which adorns a wall of my love shack, but it wasn’t the one I really wanted. The one I really wanted cost more than I was willing to part with (even though I didn’t even try to haggle), but next time I won’t be so cheap and will get the one I want. Maybe if I throw in an unopened aircraft model paint kit (9 lead-free acrylic paints and 3 brushes, retail value $12.59) that I’ve had for years to sweeten the deal, we can negotiate a fair price for both of us.

  3. Wahoo on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 6:58 am 

    Probably not up to our First Lady’s standards, but a relaxing stay at Jah B’s might be just what she needs after her grueling non-stop schedule of vacations at exclusive five-star luxury resorts.

  4. Eco on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 1:15 pm 

    Wahoo, the dogs work for free but they will accept handouts which works great if you want to get rid of your leftovers. They will also hide anything you leave on your porch like shoes or wet socks. It’s cute, funny and upsetting how they will only drag one of your shoes under your cottage until you learn to keep them in your cottage.

    Lol @ first lady comment! I’ve stayed in my share of 3-5 star resorts and would still stay at Jah B’s over a “normal” resort even if price was not an issue.

  5. Eco on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 1:26 pm 

    Note- I edited the review to remove the part about bringing your own toilet paper since Jah B’s responded back that they do indeed stock the rooms.

  6. vibram five fingers on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 8:47 pm 

    beautiful and wonderful the place.

  7. Do Jamaica Your Way on Tue, 17th Aug 2010 5:06 pm 

    The pics of the inside of the cottage reminded me a lot of Lazy Dayz farther down the beach, except the bathroom there was outdoors LOL. I loved it though, and so did my son. I could easily live in a tiny place like that.

  8. ex-ochigirl on Mon, 1st Aug 2011 2:12 pm 

    I’ve stayed at JahB’s, inside that very Mickey cabin on many occasions and i wouldn’t stay anywhere else.

    Jahb’s is my home away from home, i love it there!

    12 trips to Negril and the last 10 of them have been to THAT yard!

  9. Iris on Sun, 30th Oct 2011 5:15 am 

    Love this would seriously like to buy one to live in are any for sale???? bless

  10. Eco on Sun, 13th Nov 2011 8:15 pm 

    Show up with cash in hand and you can buy one? Heck, bring enough cash and they can build you one. If not, I know of another place 200 yards away where you can have your own cottage.

  11. Aryca on Wed, 15th Feb 2012 1:24 pm 

    Unfortunately, Jah B’s now has bed bugs. :(

  12. Eco on Wed, 29th Feb 2012 4:33 pm 

    @Aryca, two thoughts:

    1. Travelers bring bedbugs, all a resort can do is to spray for them as quick as they are noticed.

    2. Many people confuse sand flea bites with bed bug bites.

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