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The Royal Palm Reserve which is located just a few minutes outside of Negril Jamaica is one of the most popular eco tourism places in Jamaica. With it’s boardwalks, visitors can explore most of the property without ever stepping on bare ground or in most cases marsh or ponds. The Royal Palm Reserve offers something for everybody that enjoys the outdoors including but not limited to: butterflies, birds, flowers, trees, mountain views, an education about the morass and the list goes on and on.

The boardwalk at the Royal Palm Reserve in Jamaica

The boardwalk at the Royal Palm Reserve in Jamaica

Getting to the Royal Palm Reserve is very easy since almost any taxi in Negril will take you there. If you want to hire a tour company that will take you to the reserve along with some of the other west coast attractions call Clives Transport at 876-956-2615 or contact Clive through his website.  If you want to rent a scooter Contact Jah B’s at 876-957-4235 or visit their website where the prices might not be updated but their rental dirt bikes, scooters and motorcycles look the same.  While walking to the reserve might seem like an option you would have to plan an early morning arrival before the sun is high in the sky and a departure once the sun goes down.  A route taxi can get you within a 30-40 minute walk for about $5 from most places in Negril (don’t  quote me on the exact time it will take you to walk).

royal palm reserve bird

Admission to the reserve is $15 for adults and $7 for kids.  They sell water, soda and beer so pack a lunch if you are making a day out of it!  More information about the reserve can be found at

Instead of going on and on describing the reserve, here’s a slide show of some of the pictures that I took this April (2010).  If you like the music please support the artist who also sells wood carvings on the beach 50 yards north of Rooms on the Beach.  His name is Jah Earllocks and his contact number is 876-349-8834.


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  1. Wahoo on Sun, 8th Aug 2010 9:17 am 

    That’s one freaky bird in that 2nd pic! What kind of bird is that? On my last visit there was 2 peacocks on the grounds where I stayed, and they made an infernal racket when I tried to shoo them away from the back of my cottage while I was taking a smoke break. That’s all I needed, them danged birds narking on me while I was just trying to find a likkle privacy.

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